103 N. Water ST. P.O. Box 8
Weston, OR 97886 USA

Tel: +(541) 566-2376



Membership Requirements

You are eligible to join the credit union if you are currently within our field of membership. The charter reads as follows:

“The field of membership shall be limited to those having the following common bonds:

  1. Employees of Con Agra Foods, Inc. who work in Weston, Oregon and /or are paid from the corporate offices;
  2. Employees of Con Agra Foods who work in Hermiston OR;
  3. Employees of Con Agra Foods who work in Boardman OR;
  4. Employees of Smith Frozen Foods, Inc., and its wholly-owned subsidiaries; which include Garrett Packing and Brittany Farming;
  5. Employees of Treetop (formerly Watermill Foods, Inc.) located in Milton-Freewater;
  6. Sykes Enterprises, Inc. empolyees Milton-Freewater OR;
  7. The City Of Weston employees Weston OR ;
  8. Widner Electric and Industrial Supply, Inc. employees Milton-Freewater, OR;
  9. Auto Clinic employees Pendleton OR;
  10. Athena Grocery Employees;
  11. Athena Weston School District employees and students in Athena or Weston;
  12. Blue Mountain Community College employees and students;
  13. Helix School District employees and students in Helix;
  14. Milton-Freewater Unified School District #7 employees and students in Milton-Freewater;
  15. Continental Mills employees in Pendleton OR;
  16. King Hay LLC. Athena Oregon
  17. J&J SnackFoods Handheld Corp. Weston Employees;

Spouses of persons who died while within the field of membership of this credit union; employees of this credit union; persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from the above employment; members of their immediate families or household; and organizations of such persons.”