103 N. Water ST. P.O. Box 8
Weston, OR 97886 USA

Tel: +(541) 566-2376



Pine Creek Federal Credit Union has as its mission the responsibility for providing an efficient, effective, and well-managed financial institution that meets the needs of its membership.  In order to accomplish this mission, the Pine Creek Federal Credit Union will continue a sound yet progressive asset management strategy and provide new and improved financial services to current and future members through membership input and management initiatives.

History and Structure

Pine Creek Federal Credit Union is a voluntary, nonprofit, cooperative association of individuals sharing a common employment bond as defined by our field of membership.  Each member is an owner of the Credit Union and is entitled to a single vote regarding the business of the Credit Union.

Pine Creek Federal Credit Union, located in Weston, Oregon, was chartered in 1960.

During its existence, the credit union has loaned over $60 million and has proven to be a very valuable fringe benefit to our sponsoring companies. At present there are over 900 members. A very important point to remember is that the credit union is owned by the members, not the sponsoring company. The management at our sponsoring companies recognizes the benefits and they are strong supporters of Pine Creek Federal Credit Union.